Creating your own treasure hunts with Geo Scavengers

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The most recent feature of Geo Scavengers allows you to build your own scavenger or treasure hunts.

Three new items was added: The Box, the Note, and the Infinity Note.

The Box can be placed anywhere in the virtual world, it has 6 inventory slots. You can place any item from your inventory into the the box. Unlike the Secure Stash I and II the Box does not have a lock so it can be opened by anyone.

The Note is an item that you can write text on and place in a Box. Once someone loots the Note it vanishes from the Box inventory.

The Infinity note works just like a Note except that it does not vanish from the box when someone loots it. This way other players can loot it even if they were not the first ones that opened the Box.

These items makes it simple to stage your own hunts or even competitions for your friends, colleges, or class mates.

Ideas and Examples for Scavenger Hunts

Simple exercise hunt

  • Place a Box within scanning range from the starting point of the hunt.
  • Inside this box place a note with directions for where to find the next.
  • Repeat for as many times you want.
  • Last box in the hunt could contain a message or a prize of some sort.

Treasure scavenger hunt

  • Place a Box within scanning range from the starting point of the hunt.
  • Inside this box place a note with a quiz. The answer to the quiz could be one of the digits in the code needed to unlock a Secure Stash. I.e. How many Nobel prizes did Einstein win? X-?-X-X. Here the answer would correspond to the second digit in the code.
  • Place the next Box within scanning range from the first and so on. The Note could of course also contain directions to the next Box if you want your participants to travel further.
  • The last box can then be a Secure Stash that the players can unlock with the code they acquired from the previous boxes.

Quiz scavenger hunt

This would work much like the Treasure hunt but instead of getting the code to a final Secure Stash the answer to the questions would give directions to the following boxes in the hunt.

Quiz walk

This would work much like the scavenger hunt but instead of figuring out the code by answering questions the players would write their answer on a note of their own and place it in the box.

I am sure that you can come up with your own hunts or combine the three examples into something really fun to do with your friends.

I recently used the Quiz scavenger hunt for a birthday party with the added twist that the last box was actually a physical box with a code lock containing the party candy for the kids.

Please let me and others know in the comments if you made a fun scavenger hunt and want to share.

Evolving Virtual Scavenger Hunts

I do not consider the user made scavenger hunts complete and I plan to add more sub features to make it easier to create and more fun to participate in them. This will come in a future update and contain for example trophy items, live competition events, and score boards as well as some quality of life features for the hunt creators.

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