Below is a list with brief information about the projects that are currently active online.

Sigma Stake

I am also operating a Solana Validator and a Cardano stake pool. Powering my two favorite blockchains. The Cardano stake pool is also host for the Geo Scavengers ISPO (Initial stake pool offering) which will fund the migration of Geo Scavengers to the Cardano blockchain.

Sigma Stake Home Page

Geo Scavengers

Real life multiplayer RPG. Using GPS, Google Maps, Magnetic sensors and virtual scanner tools, an endless ever changing persistent world is created for the players to discover. The player is made to move and navigate in the real world at the same time as they see a virtual world overlaid on their phone. Besides RPG elements like character progression with experience points, leveling, crafting, skills, territories and a progress driven story, the game features scavenger hunt elements with puzzles and mini games.

Available on Google Play: Geo Scavengers

Geo Scavengers Home Page

Coming soon on iTunes


Augmented reality mobile App. CosCam uses a mobile phones camera and Google ML-kit to get landmarks of a persons pose. Those landmarks are then used to superimpose a costume on that person in real time.

This project is currently in BETA phase but will soon hit the Google Play Store.

CosCam will also feature community made costumes, here is the web interface to upload costumes

AI Writer

Fully automated Amazon affiliate content creation by using web-scraping to get training material for GPT-2, NLTK to categorize and analyze the training material and GPT-2 355M model to generate content. The system only needs a few lines of input to create a new blog post with contextually and grammatically correct content of 2-3k words including images, indexation, outgoing wiki links etc.

Example site created with AI Writer (retired)

Colab script file


Online SEO toolkit. Technical SEO site audit, on page SEO analysis, competitor analysis, keyword analysis and rank tracking.

On-page SEO is a very important part of your blog strategy, if you are not able to make your blog posts rank high in search engines you will not get many visitors. Most bloggers are not SEO experts, and even those who are might miss or forget about important key considerations when writing their blog.

The Blogpatcher service is where you will find the best tool to analyze and improve on-page SEO for your blogs and articles. The Blogpatcher tool will analyze your blog or article and let you know how you can improve it in an easy to understand report. Following Blogpatcher’s advice will make your blog or article rank higher in the search results and give you more visitors.

Blogpatcher SEO tools – Keyword analysis, Page analysis & Site audit

Proof of concept site that used Blogpatcher to increase visitors by ~500% https://junglesentry.com

Nine Worlds Adventure – A Viking Saga

Adventure platform jump and run game with a story of epic proportions. Cross-platform game with classic 2D platform playstyle and stunning 3D graphics.

Google Play (retired)

iTunes (retired)



License plate Scanner

License Plate scanner is a unique app that lets you scan license plates with your android device using it’s camera. The app will then show you all the information available about the car and it’s owner. The app will also save all your scans in a Room database complete with the information retrieved and the time and position along with a picture of the car. Note: Only works for Swedish license plates.

Crypt Cards

Hearthstone clone. I was project manager and sole designer and programmer for this online multiplayer strategy card game. The game was published on Google Play and Steam.

This game is now retired but you can still see a few videos: Crypt Cards tutorial, BETA trailer, BETA gameplay and the retired Steam page


Proof of concept project to prove that you can make a undetectable bot for World of Warcraft. To make it undetectable various ways to read the games working memory was used. An AI was created that made decisions based on the data it could mine from memory. The bot could then perform the AI’s intentions by sending input through the Widows Message system identical to those generated by a real human.

This is also a retired project and it does not work with the current version of World of Warcraft. I do however have an old video of the bot playing the Eye of the storm PvP map


Online poker statistics and analysis tool. This was a very popular app when the online poker boom started but it has been retired for a few years. However, you can still find quite a lot of reviews and videos floating around on the internet

AET Tracer PRO

This was the first software I released to the public. I did it as a hobby project when I was studying MSc at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. It got a very nice reception and was even used by SANS when training network security professionals.

Tucows, Inc has graciously donated a copy of this software to the Internet Archive’s Tucows Software Archive for long term preservation and access. You can check it out here: AET Tracer PRO at Internet Archives