Aperico Software is a one-man software consultancy company operated by Andreas Tores├Ąter. I live in Sweden and have been coding since I was a kid and never stopped doing it because it’s the best!

In 1999 I started my first company and worked as a software consultant who created intranets for other companies. After my masters degree from KTH (Royal Institute of Technology) I founded a startup company with a friend which we worked with successfully for a few years. After that I have gone back to my consultancy company and done a wide array of personal projects and consulting for other companies and organisations.

I have worked with so many programming languages, frameworks and techniques that i can not list them all here. If you want know more you can get a good grasp by looking at my developer story at stackoverflow.com

I have also worked in many different software development fields: statistics, analysis, deep learning, NLP, NLG, SEO, Android, iOS, 2D games, 3D games, web sites, web apps, networking, hacking, cracking, computer vision and other AI implementations. You can read about this in more details in my CV or developer story on stackoverflow.com