Geo Scavengers

Explore an endless randomly generated persistent still ever changing virtual layer of our world.

Geo Corp. has found a virtual dimension that co-exist with our perceivable world. They are now hiring Geo Scavengers to search and exploit this dimension. If you would like to explore this world and compete for it’s resources and make your name as one of the most powerful and wealthy Geo Scavengers, there is no time to lose, sign up now!

Using a map, compass and the Geo Corp. patented high tech scanners, analysers and loot finders you can explore the virtual dimension around you. Find caches and try to extract their loot. Collect materials for crafting, map fragments for treasure hunts, keys for high tier chests and above all the valuable Geo Corp. credits. If you are wealthy enough you can buy zones in the virtual dimension to mark your territory and collect tax from other Geo Scavengers.

Upgrade your gear by crafting new modules using the parts you will find in the caches scattered around the world.

Level up your tech skills to be a more efficient and competent scavenger, hone your diplomatic skills to reap benefits with Geo Corp and study mechanics and electronics to become a better crafter.

The unseen virtual layer enclosing our entire world is lousy with caches full of loot. The more desirable loot often have locks or puzzles you need to circumvent but the most valuable loot of them all are the ancient artifacts. To find artifacts you have to collect map fragment and use your crafting station to get a complete map.

Buy zones to mark your territory and to collect tax from other players. The smart Geo Scavenger will figure out which zones are the most desirable and build a profitable strategy to maximize income.

Craft keys to access loot in high tier locked caches. Craft gear upgrades to improve your scanners and loot finder. Refine materials into more valuable and usable materials. Craft you own secure stash boxes and place in the world to store or maybe hide forbidden items, or use the stash to share or trade with other Geo Scavengers.


Available now on Google Play: Geo Scavengers

Privacy and Integrity

We do not share or store your location. We do not store any other personal information except the email address you use to log in. We do not share this email with any third part. You can read more about this in our privacy policy.

System requirements

Android phone or tablet with internet and GPS/location service. Magnetic sensors (compass) highly recommended.

What you get

  • Full game – No additional costs, no in game shop, no pay walls or costs for DLC.
  • No Ads – Why would we destroy this game with ads?
  • Massively Online Multiplayer – As massive as it can be, the whole world on one server layer.
  • A randomly generated dynamic world – You will never know what is around the corner, the next scan could reveal the treasure you have been looking for.
  • Persistent World – Everything you do in Geo Corps virtual world is persistent and can also affect other players.
  • Territories – Mark your territory and collect tax from anyone who wants to scavenge on your turf.
  • Trading – You can trade items with other players through secure boxes you can place in the world.
  • Fun! – Treasure hunts , puzzle solving, crafting and character progression with an underlying story.
  • Good for you – Get outside and move around!
  • Real life MMORPG – Experience both the real world and Geo Corps virtual world at the same time.
  • Puzzles and Mini Games – You often have to solve fun minigames to get to the loot.
  • Crafting – Craft keys, gear upgrades, treasure maps, secure boxes and refine materials.
  • Actively maintained – New puzzles, cache types, crafting recipes, events, contests and other features added over time to keep the game fresh.
  • Strong community – You have the chance to affect the future of this game and what new features we will add.